Ernie's EveryAuction 1.53 Script Models

Reliable Function is vital to the success of your Auction Website. With Ernie's enhanced EveryAuction 1.53 Webauction Software one can start an own simple Online Auction Web Site. Ernie's EveryAuction Scripts are designed to be very customer friendly and contain a clean and professional Source Code.

Ernie's EveryAuction 1.53 based Auction Scripts are strictly designed based on and fully compatible with Matt Hahnfeld's genuine EveryAuction 1.53 Original Auction Script.

The genuine EveryAuction Script!

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   Some of my EveryAuction v1.53 based Perl online Auction-Script Versions are described below. Please continue.....

Global Auctioneer v1.0 - v3.0 - v5.0 - Bidflux v1.19 Online Auction Scripts

The Global Auctioneer Software is a real time EveryAuction based online GPL  Perl Auction Software package, NOT just an affiliate website. It's fully functional online Auction Software, based on the famous EveryAuction 1.53 Auction Script by Matt Hahnfeld and many popular Add-On's, and it's 100% Self-contained.

Whith a Global Auctioneer, one has the complete Auction Software needed to start an own online Auction Website. All you need is a registered Domain Name and a reliable hosting Server to offer free or paid general Auction Services.

The Global Auctioneer File System uses a flat file Database, which means that one does Not need MySql Database Access. The Files are very easy to install on your hosting Server and come with easy to read Installation Informations.

FREE ONLINE FORUM Support With All Purchases!

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FREE ONLINE FORUM Support With All Purchases!

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Read more about the Bidflux v1.1 Software by Ernie here
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Bidflux Auction Software is fully based on the EveryAuction? Release v1.53 by Matt Hahnfeld. Beeing a rewrite of a Makebid Auction , mayor HTML Design came from Joel Holbert (former BIDFLUX) himself. In addition to existing Add-On's & Mod's, Goodie's, found at the former EveryAuction User Forum, where added by Joel.

Generally, Pages look good, and it all matches quite well. BidfluxF Auction is a great Choice for anyone capable to clean up the badly styled HTML SourceSections, Section by Section, in order to clean the Scripts and speed up overall Performance after all.

Ernie's New EveryAuction 1.53 C

Hello! A new Breed of Online Social Shopping Site Performance! Ernie's latest EveryAuction 1.53 Software meets all Requirements! Ernie's EveryAuction is the ideal Base for Club-Auctions, Community-Events, Garage-Sales, Goodwill-Actions and other local or regional Happenings. One can offer personal MePages, Ad-sponsored, free or paid Auctions, Classifieds and Wanted Item Add's to any local or regional Community, in a professional Style !

Ernie's New EveryAuction 1.53C
is a Small Business Perl Auction/Classifieds/Wanted Items Script Software to offer free or paid general Online Trading Services. Banner-Placements to local/regional Businesses/Sponsors can be offered in order to generate Revenue and keep the Site free of Charges for private Users. The EveryAuction 1.56 C foolproof FlatfileDB - type Software, composed by Ernie, is equipped with FastEA HighSpeed Indexing.

Ernie's EveryAuction 1.53C Perl/HTML Script Software includes Stuart's Member Accounting + Session Cookie's. Also my famous Multi-Image Uploader, enhanced eBay-like Items Sort, just to name a few of the most usefull Add-On's implemented. The Software has fully been rewritten to meet modern Programming Standards and Security Requirements.

EveryAuction 1.53C is a fully working Startup Software for Developers.

Ernie's EveryAuction 1.53C Online Community Platform

Ernie's all new EveryAuction 1.53 C "LGPL2" Perl Online Commere Portal Software

EveryAuction 1.53C is a very well equipped Online Auction Software. It's an ideal Startup Software for Developers as well as a motivated Perl-Beginners. Much has been done by Ernie to allow later Add-On-Implementation without the need to rewrite very sensitive Portions of the Software. HTML Sections have been 'cleared' to enable easy design-changes within HTML Parts created with Frontpage, Dreamweaver, and other 'Wysiwyg' Editors without worrying about screwing up because of 'unwanted' Characters within such 'imported' HTML-Stuff.

Still, one has to know and write HTML Source Code well, one you will still have to invest time and brain to make this piece of work to be an own and personalised looking New Auction Site. But I have invested 100+ hours recently to compose this powerfull Perl-Auction Software out of my huge Arsenal of proven Scripts. It's designed to allow one to match it to an existing Site Design without big Problems.

Ernies EveryAuction 1.53 C is FREE TO GET to selected Parties !

To anyone interested, I have released Ernie's EveryAuction 1.53 C Perl Community Commerce Portal Software. It will be free of Charge, to a selected Group of Perl - familiar Webmasters, able to 'complete' the Software, for their personal purpose and use only. The Software comes in 'not yet tested' stage. It's not completed in any sense, still a huge variety of Add-On's, available for free here at, could be implemented into the Source.

Doing such requires, at least, to be rather familiar with Perl / HTML4 / CSS - SourceCoding. I require some proof, one should be able to install a working Sample of Matt Hahnfeld's v1.53 original Auction, on a Site, then, we talk further...! No offense, please, but I have invested so much time into this nice little Shopping-Place, I want to know what others plan to do with it and make sure, it will be 'cared for' by Fan's, not Boozo's...

Interested? Matt Hahnfeld\'s genuine (Knowledge-Test-) EveryAuction v.1.53 is available for download here!

Ernie's huge EveryAuction Code Database contains hundreds of Add-On's and Mod's for EveryAuction 1.53 Software. Anyone interested may access the Codepost Section free of Cost here.

Ernie's EveryAuction 1.53 S

Ernie's Test development, the EveryAuction 1.53 S Perl Auction Software is not available for the Public. Optimized for top Performance, the EA 1.53S is able to handle large amounts of Users & Listings with multiple indexed Databases.

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Click here to read more about Ernie's EveryAuction 1.53 S Auction Script

Besides of the Main Auction Script, the Software contains a fully independent User Registration Section, the Search Section, the Image-Upload Section as well the Auction Administration Section. The Master Program Scripts control and direct about 70+ individual Perl Subroutine Scripts.

The EveryAuction 1.53 S Auction-Site Software is NOT for Sale..

Ernie's EveryAuction 1.53 XXL
Click on the image below to see Ernie's EveryAuction 1.53 XXL Test Auction Site. I have fully separated the 1.53 XXL Auction Script into 8 fully independent operating Main Scripts in order to peak the overall Performance. Besides of the Main Auction Script, the Setup consists of 7 Main Scripts, the User Registration Section, the Item Display & Bidding Section, the New Item Posting Section, the Image-Upload Section, the Wanted Items Section, the Forum Chat Section as well the Auction Administration Section. The Master Program Scripts control and direct about 110 individual perl subroutine files.

Click here to read more about Ernie's EveryAuction 1.53 XXL Auction Site.

Click here to read more about Ernie's EveryAuction 1.53 XXL Auction Site.

Ernie's EveryAuction 1.53 XXL is not available for the Public. During Development of the EA 1.53S, important Security & Speed related Updates have been implemented into EA 1.53S. The EveryAuction 1.53 XXL Scriptset will therefore have to be partly rewritten in order to meet newest standards before beeing released to the Public. This step will increase overall Security as well as Performance.

The EveryAuction 1.53 XXL  Auction-Site Software is NOT for Sale.

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