Ernie's enhanced EveryAuction 1.53 XXL

Ernie's professional Online Auction Website Design, based on the sophisticated new EveryAuction 1.53 XXL Script Plattform. This enhanced Perl Auction Software includes more than 130 Addon's, Addin's + Perl Update Mods in addition to a full rewrite of the entire HTML Sections in Swiss Quality Style. EveryAuction 1.53 XXL, the full size Software Solution for demanding Auction Sites.

Take a short Preview, you can see and test my latest Design right now! With Ernie's enhanced EveryAuction Script Composition, based on the EveryAuction 1.53 by Matt Hahnfeld at, you can start your very own professional online auction web site with very many similarities with that of eBusy itself.

Click here to see Ernie's EveryAuction 1.53 XXL Auction Site.

EveryAuction 1.53 XXL Auction-Script Software powered by EveryAuction

I have fully separated the 1.53 XXL Auction Script into 9 fully independent operating Main Scripts in order to peak the overall Performance. Besides of the Main Auction Script, the Setup consists of 8 Main Scripts, the User Registration Section, the Item Display & Bidding Section, the New Item Posting Section, the Image-Upload Section, the Wanted Items Section, the Forum Chat Section, the Personal Messenger Section as well the Auction Administration Section. The Master Program Scripts control and direct about 115 individual Perl Subroutine Files.

Encoded Login/Logout Function but Users don't require to be logged in to participate, SuperCat Design, Registration with Secure Activation, Member Verification, Member Accounting, Seller/Buyer Feedback, Seller may modify or delete Auction items. Multi Image Upload with Thumbnail Image Creation, Auto Relist Function, Buyit-Now Button, Bidder retract last Bid, Autobidder Proxy Bidding Function, Limit Bidding for new Members, Limit Seller Listings, Personal Messenger, Verified Seller Store, Member JustMe Page, Wanted Items Classified Section, Forum Chat Section and much more...

EveryAuction 1.53 XXL the full size Software Solution for demanding Auction Sites.

The EveryAuction 1.53 XXL Auction-Site Software is NOT available for Sale.

EveryAuction 1.53 XXL  Add-On and Mod - List

    x.   EveryAuction Initial Release Version 1.53 ,  2/17/02 by Matt Hahnfeld
    x.   EveryAuction 1.53 XXL Release Version 1.07 , 11/29/07 by Ernst (Ernie) Jacob

  1. AccountEA Member Accounting (Stuart Jones)
  2. Activate Memberstatus secure after Registration
  3. Admin Ban / Unban / Delete Membername
  4. Admin Ban / Unban Member E-Mail Address
  5. Admin Ban Freemailer Accounts
  6. Admin Backup / Restore Auction Data
  7. Admin Contact Page
  8. Admin E-Mail to all registered Members
  9. Admin Delete User Feedback
  10. Admin Delete / Modify Auction Items
  11. Admin Verifiy / Unverify Seller with Status-Display (Ernie)
  12. Admin View User Registration (Michael Labrecque)
  13. Alternating Table Row Colors (Les)
  14. Auction Autoclose (Rich)
  15. Auction Item Counter (Glen Yeager)
  16. Auction Item live Time Remain Java Script (TomZ)
  17. Autobidder Proxy Bidding Function (Tetramin)
  18. Auto Relist Option up to 10 times (Stuart Jones)
  19. Badword Filter with E-Mail Info to Admin (Millennium)
  20. Bid Submit Confirmation (Javascript)
  21. Bidhistory on separate Page (Cleodelia)
  22. Block Multiple Alias's by Email (Vensub)
  23. Buy It Now Button (Stuart Jones)
  24. Category Search Page (Ernie)
  25. Change Registration Login Verify (Scott Lewis)
  26. Choose Closing Date & Time (Chris H)
  27. Closed Auction like open Viewer (Dingofx)
  28. Confirm Bid before Posting (HACKER)
  29. Confirm Registration Terms Approval (Ernie)
  30. Confirm Registration (Cleodelia)
  31. Cookie User Login / Logout encoded (Tetramin)
  32. Configure your own Currency Letter
  33. Contact Item Seller anonymously
  34. Contact other Users anonymously (Chris H)
  35. Crop Title and Description Length
  36. CSS-Stylesheet for easy Font Management
  37. Display all registered User Names (Rasman)
  38. Double Post Eliminator (Stuart Jones)
  39. Easy editable TXT Text Files & Header (Ernie)
  40. Easy Features Featured Auctions (Stuart Jones)
  41. eBay-like Items Sorting (MacTheKnife)
  42. Enhanced Email Validation (MacTheKnife)
  43. Enlarge Thumbnails on Click to full Image Format
  44. FASTEA Fast Indexing Search (Tetramin)
  45. Featured Gallery Mainpage Auction Items
  46. Featured Category Auction Items
  47. Forum Chat, Multi Section, Posts Counter, Content Censor (Ernie)
  48. Fully independent operating Administration Script
  49. Fully independent operating Display / Bidder Script
  50. Fully independent operating Forum-Chat Script
  51. Fully independent operating Image Uploader Script
  52. Fully independent operating New Item Registration Script
  53. Fully independent operating Personal Messenger Script
  54. Fully independent operating Registration Script
  55. Fully independent operating Wanted Items Classified Script
  56. Item Track / Watch Addon (Billy The Kid)
  57. Keyword Tracking Addon (Chris H)
  58. Latest Auction Item Ticker (Stuart)
  59. Limit New User on Bidding & Selling (Homer)
  60. Limit Listings per User at the same time (Stuart)
  61. Listing of all closed Auction Items
  62. Lost Password Retrival (Mike B)
  63. Mail this Auction to a Friend (Crazyray)
  64. Member Since Date Display (Chappy)
  65. Mouseover Standard Sized Image Display
  66. Multi Image File Uploader with Preview Section (Ernie)
  67. My Recently Viewed Auction Items
  68. My Sticky Notes (IVANA)
  69. New Item Preview Beautyfication (IWANA)
  70. Notify Me When New Item Posted in a Category (Chris H)
  71. Notify Me When New Item Posted by a Seller (Chris H)
  72. One Step Font & Section Color Adjustment
  73. Pagebreak Setup (Tetramin)
  74. Password Verify Check in user registration
  75. PayPal PayNow Button (IWANA)
  76. Personal JustMe-Page (HACKER)
  77. Personal Messenger Message Center (Farmboy)
  78. Preview Images before uploading (Ernie)
  79. Prevent Seller bid on his own Auctions (MagicChris)
  80. Prevent Seller from using identical Item Titles (Stuart Jones)
  81. Prevent Double E-Mail Registration (Michael Ammar)
  82. Prune closed Auction after xx Days (Robert Saylor)
  83. Prune Reg Files (Stuart Jones)
  84. Questions and Answers about Auction Item on seperate Page
  85. Random Auction Items on Mainpages (Stuart Jones)
  86. Registering with Security Question (Leigh Ward)
  87. Registering with Security Image Numbers
  88. Report Auction Fraud (Crazyray)
  89. Reverse Bidhistory - Top Bidder first (MacTheKnife)
  90. RSS Feeder Addon
  91. Salute User with Daytime Information
  92. Search Auctions for similar Items
  93. Search by Item Number (Les Dixon)
  94. Search for valid Username
  95. Search Engine automatic Indexing Page (Bidfinder)
  96. Sellers other Auctions on separate Page
  97. Sellers other Auctions Display on Bidderpage (Ernie)
  98. Seller Ban / Unban Bidders (ProZ)
  99. Seller & Buyer Feedback (HACKER)
  100. Seller delete Auction Item as long as no Bids are made
  101. Seller delete closed Auctions (MacTheKnife)
  102. Seller modify active Auction Item
  103. Seller Option Display or Hide Bidder Alias Name(Ernie)
  104. Seller Option private or commercially defined Sale (Ernie)
  105. Seller Statistics on Auctionpage (Goofy)
  106. Seller Store Front Pages (Ernie)
  107. Sellers Gallery-Link Banner & Button Sample Page (Ernie)
  108. Shipping Payment Options (Mike B)
  109. Show / Hide Bidhistory switchable (Ernie)
  110. Sitemap Page for easy Navigation (Ernie)
  111. Suggest a New Category to Admin (Crazyray)
  112. SuperCat Auction Category System (Tetramin)
  113. Timed Topbidder retract Last Bid (ProZ)
  114. Thumbnail Image Creator Routine (Madclicker)
  115. TopSeller (PowerSeller) Status (Dr.Ripley)
  116. User and Bid Statistics
  117. User & Seller Help & FAQ Information Pages (Ernie)
  118. User & Service Provider IP Display
  119. Various Monetary Exchange Rates & Prices visible
  120. View all Auctions with Bids / without Bids
  121. View all BuyNow Auction Items
  122. View all PayPal Auction Items
  123. View all Categories & Sub Categories & count active Auctions (Farmboy)
  124. View all Recent Auction Bidding Activity (Michael Ammar)
  125. View Me Display my active Bids beeing Bidder (Hacker)
  126. View all my active Auctions (MagicChris)
  127. View all New / Active / Hot / Ending Auctions
  128. View the last 12 Search Words used (Stuart Jones)
  129. View Top 10 Sellers (Stuart Jones)
  130. Visitors Today Counter (Farid Kapasi)
  131. Wanted Items Classifieds, Multi Section, Posts Counter, Content Censor
  132. Welcome Newest Auction Member
  133. WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Auction Item Text Creator

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