Who I am

EveryAuction.info belongs to Ernst (Ernie) Jacob, Jr., Owner of the Swiss based Enterprise Jacob Technology & Information, providing Technology- & Information Services. I work on Computers since 1977 (OSI Chall.3  / CBM-8032  / Olivetti M40  / PC )

Ernst ( Ernie ) Jacob, Jr., Owner of the Swiss based Enterprise called Jacob Technology & InformationErnst Jacob. Jr.
Othmarsingerstrasse 15
CH-5103 Moeriken

What I Do

I provide Technical & Information Services and, as a Hobby, PC & Internet Support. I offer proven & reliable Technology combined with excellent Customer Care. I am known for my ability to build and maintain good and long-term relationships with Clients who appreciate my honest, sound business practices. They know they can rest easy with the assurance that I will follow through on my word and I will be there for them tomorrow.

Pricing Policy: I do not offer Everyauction related Scripts or Addons, published and licensed under GPL by other famous writers, for money. License fees quoted apply for Plattform Design, certain proprietary Add-On's as well as Script & Add-On Implementation.

Ernie's Perl Auction Scripts

Netmeter Internet Speed Test

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