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Ernie's EveryAuction Perl Auction ScriptsThis Website is dedicated to the very popular and highly aclaimed EveryAuction 1.53 Perl Auction Script Source, available under GPL/GNU Licence by Matt Hahnfeld from, available for download here at  

Unfortunately, Everysoft's official EA Auction-Script User Forum as well as the Script Add-On Database have been removed from Matt's Everyauction Site after a hacker incident had taken place early October 2006. As a result of this, Auctioneers using EA-based Scripts suddenly found themselfs cut off from the worldwide only relevant Source of technical Everyauction Script Knowledge.

To make sure that all this hard work is not fully beeing lost and forgotten, I have released substantial portions of my huge EveryAuction 1.53 Script related Online Archive to selected Fellow Auctioneers looking for EA Add-On Infos as well as for technical or historical trouble-shooting Information. Please contact me, if you like access the the EveryAuction Codepost Add'on Section. A small donation will not bw refused.

EveryAuction Source & Add-On based Software has been used by multiple Script Sellers such as Auction-Script, BidFlux, CodeGirl Classifieds, E-Z Auctions, Global Auctioneer, IScript, Makebid, OpenAuction, Ultimate Auction,  Webzstar, Maerdi, among others..

Software License Status Information

Auction Scripts are if offered under the GNU Lesser General Public LicenseI do not offer or sale EveryAuction 1.5x related Scripts or Add-On's, published and licensed under GNU/GPL by other famous writers, for Money. Fees charged apply for Design, Add-On Implementation, Security Updates or proprietary Software only.

Ernie's enhanced EveryAuction 1.53 based Open Source Perl Auction Software is, if offered, licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (GNU/LGPL). You may also read the GNU Lesser General Public License.

Roll of Honor

Many fine Contributors have, over Years, spent countless hours writing great Add-On's and Mod's for EveryAuction 1.53 and they deserve Credit for their fine Work!

Many fine Contributors have spent great Add-On's Many fine Contributors have spent great Add-On's Many fine Contributors have spent great Add-On's Many fine Contributors have spent great Add-On's Many fine Contributors have spent great Add-On's

Stuart Jones, Chris H, Tetramin, Richard Thomas, MagicChris, Millennium, Hacker, Dr.Pixel, Scott Lewis, Madclicker, Michael Labrecque, MacTheKnife, Dingofx, Michael Ammar, Splatt, Chappy, Pro Z, Farmboy, Vensub, ryche88OM, Les, Crazyray, Rich, Cleodelia, Wertus, Rasman, Iwana, Robert Sailor, Mike B, Billy the Kid, Les Dixon,, Leigh Ward, Goofy, among other fine EveryAuction Add-On & Mod Creators.

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